How Do I Know If I’m Hiring A Good Interpreter?

International guests are a very common sight nowadays, and it’s important to make sure that everyone understands what they’re saying. 


One way you can do this is by hiring an interpreting service for your event!


But no one wants to make a mistake when it comes to hiring an interpreter. 


So how do you know you’re making the right decision? What characteristics should you be looking for in an interpreter? How can you make sure you’re requesting services from a good interpreter?


If any or all of these questions have crossed your mind, don’t worry. We’ll go into further detail on what you should look for to make sure you have contacted the right person. 



Hiring an interpreter is not something you should do without carefully considering your needs. There are many different types of interpreters out there, so it pays to find one who specializes in what will work best for your situation and those around them as well!


There are several characteristics to look for when hiring a professional interpreter.

  • Certification is important. Make sure to look for an interpreter with a certification from a recognized organization.
  • A good interpreter is someone who can speak both languages fluently and has the ability to translate what they hear into their native language. 

It’s critical for them to be able to understand the context of what’s being said, as well as convey it in a way that makes sense to those listening. This requires not only an understanding of grammar but also cultural norms and idioms. You want someone who will make your meeting or event flow smoothly by translating everything without losing any meaning or tone. Losing the meaning or tone in translation can throw the whole thing off.

  • Proficient in research. An interpreter who takes the time to research the local lifestyle and culture of the people speaking the language helps with a more effective translation. Ask questions about their knowledge of a specific language or region. 
  • Good memory. This is key! An interpreter receives a lot of information in a short period of time. They need to be able to remember what was said to achieve the correct translation.
  • Abides by the Code of Ethics. This is critical when handling any confidentiality or privacy issues.
  • Public speaking skills. The interpreter should be comfortable and natural when speaking in front of people.
  • Works well under pressure.
  • Has a good reputation.


There are a lot of factors to consider when making your decision to hire an interpreter. 


Remember, that knowledge is power. Take the time to do your due diligence and research reputable certified interpreting agencies. Look for recommendations from colleagues or friends and verify their reviews to see if their credentials hold up.


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