Language Interpretations are Positively Impacting the Healthcare Industry

Picture this: you’re a healthcare worker who only knows one language. Someone comes to you with an emergency situation, but they’re unable to properly communicate what they’re experiencing due to language barriers. Between the stress of their situation and your inability to understand their first language, you’re unsure how best to support them. What do you do?


A scenario like this is precisely why more and more healthcare professionals are using phone and video interpretation services to best support their patients in both emergency and non-emergency situations. 


Why do healthcare workers need access to interpretation services?


Whether a healthcare worker is trying to understand a patient’s needs, or they’re trying to communicate information to them about their medical situation, it’s important that both parties can confidently communicate every detail.


There is a possibility of problems arising if a patient is unable to fully understand a diagnosis, a healthcare worker is unable to understand a symptom, or there is another communication challenge.


When healthcare workers have access to phone or video translation services, they’re able to quickly and effectively properly communicate with their patients to ensure that they’re on the same page. 


A miscommunication in the healthcare industry can have serious consequences.


What types of interpretation services can benefit the healthcare industry? 


Video and phone interpretation services can benefit the healthcare industry when they need to communicate with a patient right away. It will provide them with the opportunity to quickly and effectively get a translation to streamline the communication.


Healthcare workers could also benefit from having their documents translated including forms, applications, instructions, and more. Having documentation available in more languages can help people ensure that they understand the content they need to know when it comes to their health. 


Miscommunications in the health industry can have serious consequences, healthcare professionals can take steps to ensure that they’re mitigating language barriers to ensure that things are communicated effectively. 


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We want to equip you to be confident in communicating with people who aren’t fluent in the same languages as you, and we want to ensure that the language services you receive are accurate and effective.


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