We Decipher. You Connect.

We have been streamlining language services for nearly four decades. Let us show you how we will connect you better with your non businesses, government agencies, and world-travelers -English speaking customers and deliver them a productive and professional experience by never missing a word or nuance with an experienced professional interpreter from Allied.  

In today's globalized professional or personal environment, your ability to connect with other cultures is more important than ever before. In the United States alone, over 337 languages are spoken and over 16% of residents speak a first language other than English. California is home to native speakers of over 224 languages. In fact, some 32% of California’s residents speak a first language other than English.

Whether you work for an international business or just reside in a country where the official language is not your own and you need emergency medical attention - we have you covered.

Business meetings, healthcare, court cases, depositions, conferences and more – virtually every industry has a need for translating and interpreting services and Allied is there to make sure that need is satisfied professionally. 


Professional Interpreting Services for Your Industry


Our legal interpreting services will handle depositions, hearings, arbitrations, mediations and trials. We have also worked with numerous governmental agencies on legal language interpretation.


Our Certified Medical Interpreters facilitate communication between healthcare providers and patients who speak limited or no English. Our interpreters offer extensive knowledge of medical terminology and cultural concepts to provide quality and efficient communication within the healthcare arena.


Whether translating one or several foreign languages into their mother tongue, our conference interpreters are bound by a code of ethics and observe strict professional privacy while delivering enunciated and accurate interpretation.


When an interpreter is not available in person or if your company handles business over the phone, the right telephone interpreter can make or break your non-English speaking customer’s experience.


Work with the Allied Advantage

We have a diverse and loyal clientele for one reason: we always go above and beyond for you on everything we do. Our high linguistic and technological standards and exceptional customer service keep our relationships strong and dependable; some of which have spanned for decades.

Allied will keep your word. Nothing will be lost in translation.

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