You Upload. We Transcribe…Fast & Accurately

Perhaps your company held an important meeting or conference, or you created a video and it transcribed. That is where we come in.  Allied has real people available 24/7, ready to efficiently transcribe your text from .MP3, .MP4, .M4A, .AAC, .WMA, .AVI, .WAV, .MOV to paper, or any format that makes sense for you. We work in all formats, including English to English transcriptions.

Our transcriptions are executed and checked by real humans, so you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality and accurate transcript. Most other companies use machine transcription, and that is bad news for business as it can leave many errors in your text.  In comparison, our English transcriptions are 99%+ accurate.  In addition to our transcription services, we also offer interpreting services in Los Angeles and around California.

Audio & Video Transcriptions

Transcribe important phone calls, research, videos, and marketing materials. Allied's transcriptions make your content more accessible to foreign language speakers, hearing-impaired individuals, and anyone who requires subtitles. We can help in any circumstance where you need to review audio content after the fact.

Our transcribers are skilled in both verbatim and smooth transcribing.


This type of transcription includes stutters, non-verbal sounds and false starts.


This type of transcription removes the stutters and sounds.

Professional Transcriptions for Your Industry


Law firms, paralegals, court reporters, attorneys and other legal professionals need transcription services for depositions, hearings, presentation of audio or video footage as evidence, and witness statements. We make sure the information required is accessible to lawyers, juries, and judges.


The recording and transcription of all procedures, notes, and related medical materials are essential to a person’s safety. Transcription services are imperative in the field of medicine to accurately document treatment and medical information.


Lectures, seminars, videos, and other class materials used for research papers or interviews sometimes require transcription. These days, many universities and colleges offer their course content free online, which mostly includes lecture transcripts.


Interviews and focus group efforts require a competent transcriber to accurately convey answers to questions. Transcriptions will better inform a company’s decision-making process by ensuring you have a solid record of the exact responses from your participants. Marketing professionals rely on transcription services to carefully review observations and reactions, making your data as useful as possible.


Allied can transcribe recordings of interviews, meetings, and urgent phone calls so you run more efficiently. Plus, with our strict confidentiality agreements, your private files remain private.


Why Choose Allied for Transcriptions

We have been transcribing and translating for nearly 40 years, which means we have seen and heard it all. If you are looking for high-quality service from a professional management team and staff, Allied is your top choice.

Our affordable transcriptions are performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by real people, not A.I. You never have to worry about computer errors, and we make sure you get each and every word out of your important meeting, focus group, or conference. You send it. We transcribe it.

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