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Today, professional translation services have taken on a new role in the global marketplace. Translation plays an essential role in numerous communication types across all industries, including marketing collateral, online and offline documents, digital media, forms and process documents, software, and educational materials, enabling globalization and localization.

Speed, Accuracy and Dependability

Allied Interpreting and Translating provides speed, accessibility, accuracy and dependability, you desire with quick turnaround times in 100+ languages. Whether you’re looking for legal document translation to medical or something else, we can convert any media within budget across all industry types.

Legal Translation

We are proud to represent the legal community regarding the translation of documents relating to the legal process, court proceedings, and the law. With our translators, you will be able to understand legal concepts fully, understand the differences between legal systems, and how to correspond or respond. When working in legal matters, your words matter and Allied brings the accuracy and terminology with the legal language needed for you and your client or situation.

Types of Legal Translations:

Contracts, court judgements, expert opinions, medical opinions, legislation, legal reports, legal documents, contracts and agreements, and more.

Legal Translation
Judicial Translation

Judicial Translation

Allied has experience working in the judicial system for over 40 years, whether you are looking for general legal translations or in-court proceedings translations, our team can fulfil your needs.

Types of Judicial Translations:

Minutes, testimonials, judgements, certifications, legal verification, and more.

Financial and Accounting Translation

Financial and Accounting translation is becoming more prevalent with companies working globally vs. domestically now. The translation of banking, financing, stock exchange, forex, financial statements, and financial reporting, with the ability to understand across borders what the reports mean and how to keep on top of your books. In this arena, you need translators that have experience and expertise in translating financial terminology and the understanding of these types of financial documents.

Types of financial and accounting translations:

Company reports, company accounts, annual reports, financial statements, tax statements, annual reports, funding or product prospect, audit reports, IPO documentation, and more.

Financial and Accounting
Medical Translation

Medical Translation

The medical industry and the need for translation is expanding at a rapid rate, from healthcare to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical products, and more. Our translators can work both from a business to consumer perspective and from a patient, working with technical documents, regulatory and patient information, as well as various categories of medical devices, clinical trials, and processes and procedures. It is important to note that many countries have specific requirements regarding the governing of the translation of pharmaceutical documentation and medical devices, both client-facing and product related.

Types of Medical Translations:

Medical records, medical reports, product labels and instructions, medical devices, clinical trials, pharmaceutical instructions,contracts, agreements, patient information, and more.

Business Translation

As our economy expands and more businesses start working globally, the need for translation is not only necessary, it is imperative. Business translations include the translation of documents as they relate to the world of business – legal, financial, technical, marketing, meetings, media, and more. When working with an interpreting and translating company, keep in mind that working with those with business experience and acumen will benefit you in the process. Remember, you may need a specialist or a generalist for various types of translations, and some professionals can meet both needs for an industry.

Types of Business Translations:

Business agreements, patent-related, contracts, correspondence, reports, marketing, promotional materials, PR, sales proposals, media, website, policies, management reports, food and product labels, handbooks, manuals,

Business Translation
Educational Translation

Educational Translation

Educational Institutions have been and will continue to be working with a global community. The ability to attend colleges, universities, and programs from any country to almost any country through foreign exchange programs has opened the door to incredible opportunities and the need for translation in various languages to accommodate.

Types of Educational Translation:

Educational program and agreements, instruction manuals, textbooks, curriculum, research and study materials, testing, video or audio training, and more.

Scientific Translation

Scientific translation is primarily focused on the translation of scientific documents or research and all aspects that relate to it. This type of translation requires a translator that can work with domain-specific terminology and cutting-edge research; they need to not only understand the field and the terminology, but they also need to be qualified to translate this information from one language to another with the same level of expertise and accuracy.

Types of Scientific Translations:

Experiments, Trials, Results, Reports, Research papers, Scientific Data, Case studies, Journal Articles, writings, diagrams, charts, computations, and more.

Scientific Translation

Various Translation Styles

  • Human – Translation by a professional human translator in-person, virtual, phone meetings, or human translation plus revision. Human translation is best for interviews, meetings, product or training videos, police recordings, social media videos, and more.
  • Audio – Audio translation is of any type of recorded material translated from one language to another, most often used to understand what the recording or audio file said.
  • Word-for-word – Translation by word-for-word uses its most common meaning and translates each word while keeping the word order of the original language.
  • Literal – When translating literally, words are translated using their most common meaning and translated independently; word order can be changed to the closest and most acceptable grammatical structure of the original for the language being translated.
  • Communicative – The use of communicative translation seeks to communicate the translation in a natural and easy to understand way regarding the original message and meaning of the text.
  • Free – Free translation is oftentimes paraphrasing the words and, therefore, might have a different length of document vs. the original.
  • Semantic – Semantic translation focuses on the author and seeks to convey the exact meaning of the text.
  • Transliteration – Transliteration uses the reproduction of the approximate sounds of a term or name from a language with a different writing system.
  • Idiomatic – Using the idiomatic form of translation, one can use idioms and colloquial expressions to reproduce the meaning or message of the text, wherever possible. The goal is to end up with a translation that is as natural as possible.
  • Adaptation – Adaptation translation is mostly used in poetry or plays and often times re-writes the text where there would otherwise lack the impact or resonance with the audience.

If you need one of these types of translations, let us know, and if you’re not sure, reach out to our team of experts to find out more.

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Allied Interpreting & Translating understands that your time is valuable. We enjoy saving you time and hassle by providing dependable and accurate transcription services in an efficient time frame.

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Allied Interpreting & Translating prides itself on the level of quality and accuracy in our work. We understand the importance and focus on exceeding your expectations while achieving your goals and those you work with.

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