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Globalization is on the rise and accurate translation builds bridges between you and your clients, helps attain foreign visas, and allows for international legal or financial institutions to collaborate with you. It is a vital tool in connecting with overseas markets, expanding your business and breaking cultural barriers by spreading good ideas and information across the world. 

Whether you’re a business, immigration agency or foreign embassy, our certified team of translation experts is here for you.


Translation Services we provide in Los Angeles:

  • Legal Documents
  • Publications
  • Contracts
  • Healthcare Documents
  • Financial Reports
  • Insurance Information
  • Business Documents
  • Patents
  • Advertisements
  • And More!

All of our translation and transcription services are performed by humans, not machines, and are scrutinized for grammatical and spelling accuracy. We know the importance and complexity of your content and will ensure that nothing gets lost.

Professional Translations Services

Most people prefer reading in their native languages, and with the rise of globalization, your business needs to accommodate a larger audience. Allied is here for you to:


We will streamline your communication and break down the language barriers which are preventing your business from connecting with the world. From conflict resolution to marketing opportunities, Allied quickly and accurately translates important documents for your industry and language.


Whether you are a patient, physician, pharmacist or hospital – we have your medical translations covered. Allied will translate your important medical documents so you can make the best decisions about you or your client's, health.


One slip-up and the meaning of a sentence can change completely, especially when it comes to complex and strategically worded legal language. Our expert team ensures accurate and effective interpretation of legal documents for clients, lawyers, court stenographers, attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals, and translates. We can also translate judicial proceedings, evidence, contracts, litigation documents, and more.


We expand your audience to non-English speakers and increase your visibility in the global market. Maintaining your good reputation is crucial to your success. By pushing every job through our rigorous quality control procedures, we make sure to avoid any embarrassing mistakes.

Why Hire Professional Translation Services?

If you are operating a business or working in a specialized field, you may not have the time to translate your own documents, or you may not be fully proficient in the target language.

We employ skilled linguists specialized in your field’s terminology and procedures.

We offer a quick-turnaround without compromising quality.

We employ translators in virtually any language around the globe, so no request is impossible.

Our translations are never performed by A.I., which means it is always a human translating your documents with the necessary nuances and intricacies. We offer translation services of exceptional quality and deliver top-tier customer service, including our commitment to serve you 24/7. You send it – we translate on demand.


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