Allied interprets conversations and translates written documents.
From any language to any language.
Allied keeps your word. Nothing is lost in translation.

We have served the legal & business community for 38+ years.



Since 1980, Allied Interpreting Service, Inc. has led the way in providing the most accurate and reliable translation and interpretation services to international Fortune 500 companies, high-profile law firms and governmental agencies. From depositions and telephone interpreting to legal and contractual translating and more, our team of certified linguists will quickly and effectively bridge the communication gap.

Interpretation You Can Depend On

We have interpreters available anywhere in the world in any language. Consecutive, simultaneous, over-the-phone and video remote interpretation services are available 24/7 from professional interpreters familiar with native dialects and nuances. We deliver quality interactions and streamlined services so you will operate more effectively.

Translation: Nothing Gets Lost On Our Watch

With an ability to translate any document, at any time, in any language, we guarantee that accuracy will never get lost in translation. Whether you are a CEO with global ambitions, a non-native speaker seeking immigration services, or need assistance with legal documents – we are the answer. Our translation services will make your words and the words of others accessible.

Transcription - Reading is Believing

Transcription services made easy and error free... with a human touch. We use real live people - never machines - to ensure 24/7 delivery of the most accurate transcription of audio to text.

Full-Service Language Solutions

We love connecting others by empowering and streamlining communications. Having developed a reputation for effective and timely services at affordable rates, our polished and professional management team values the importance of personal relationships and quality communication. This passion extends to the interpreters and translators we hire and the hands-on interpretation, translation and transcription services they provide for your personal or business needs.


Why Choose Allied?

We like to call it the Allied Advantage - having someone ready for you in person or offsite at a moment’s notice. And not just anyone.
Native writers and speakers familiar with cultural nuances and the necessity of providing impartial, discrete and prompt service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It’s our promise to you that sets Allied apart.

In a time when every industry or business needs to be multilingual, Allied bridges the communications gap for our clients. Let us put our decades of expertise to work for you, to make your world smaller... and perfectly understandable.


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