Before delving into what the signs are of transcription, it is essential to define what transcription services are. Let us answer a few of the questions that businesses ask regarding transcription services and how it can bring value to your business.

So, what are transcription services? Transcription involves taking an oral file and then converting the information contained into a text file. There is a wide variety of information available orally, as we will share below. Due to the increase in audio content, transcription services have seen rapid growth, as businesses are looking to put everything in writing.

The traditional industries that utilize transcription services include law firms, medical professionals, schools, hospitality, government, and other entities. Yet, there are ways for the average business owner to utilize transcription services to benefit your operation. You might be wondering what kind of businesses could benefit from transcription or how they are using transcription? Even though you may not be utilizing the service at this time, you may be missing out on opportunities with other cultures and audiences; let this blog open your eyes to what might be possible.

Check out the ways other businesses we work with are taking their businesses from local to global.

Podcasts and Videos

Podcasts and Videos have been and still are the trend. This trend is growing to more businesses, as well as businesses now expanding their podcast and video content with 1-3 podcasts and or 1-3 Youtube channels. Content wins across the board, yet we sometimes forget the method of content might not be optimal for search engines. Podcasts and Videos play their role in content, yet when it comes to finding these content pieces, it is difficult to search, as search engines, like Google, are not optimized to review oral information. Instead, search engines examine the words contained in a website, blog, article, etc. So if you are a business with more oral information presented on your site versus blogs or articles, you will want to think about your content’s goal and talk with our team about our transcription services. We not only can help transform your information into readable content, but we can also do so in multiple languages and in the most authentic way, vs. robotic transcriptions that do not understand the nuances of language and culture. By transcribing your content, it will boost your SEO and make your content searchable.

Conferences, Public Speaking, or Interviews

Suppose you are a company that participates in public speaking, conferences, or interviews. A transcription service may be an additional value add to the content you create. Think about how you can use a transcribed version of an event, conference, or talk, such as future training, trade publications, blogs, articles, and opening the opportunity to double impact the time spent. If you work with multiple cultures, translating talks, seminars, conferences, and interviews into various languages can increase your website’s value, social pages, newsletters, direct mail, or content outlets like blogs.

Numerous Calls

Businesses tend to participate in many different types of calls, be it Skype, Microsoft Teams, conference calls, and customer calls. Regardless of which avenue you use, transcribing those calls can be invaluable for disseminating information later and using the paper trail for reference due to the easy ability to search through the written word. This helps with decision making at different points in the business.


If your training for clients or staff, including lots of meetings or live online training, transcription services can become an invaluable addition. Without having to rely on the team to write the meetings or expect to take accurate notes during training sessions, a transcription service can help ensure that information is spelled correctly for future reference and translated into multiple languages for all participants.

Business Reputation

If you’ve thought about various reasons for transcribing all of your oral data, you may have thought about doing it yourself as well. While doing it on your own sounds attractive, yet a transcription service can do it for you in a timely and error-free manner. Your business’s reputation depends on the work you present. Creating content as perfect as possible is a good practice, which means that you should use a professionally trained transcription service like Allied. For bilingual or global businesses, this needs to be a part of your practice now and in the future.

Build a Brand

As a business, you are focused on building your brand and bringing opportunities to expand it even further. Reaching a wider audience entails providing them with information or services in various ways, such as orally and written. A transcription service can help build your brand by creating multiple formats and languages to reach audiences on multiple platforms with information you have shared.

People are also more likely to trust a company that cares and takes time and attention to detail by providing multiple formats and languages to meet their audiences’ best. Using transcription services, you can deepen and broaden your pool of potential clients through building trust and relationships that bring the triple approach of Know, Like, and Trust. What better way to get to know someone than by digesting their content in multiple variations? It will also provide your clientele and center of influences with the tools to equip them better to spread the word about a company they love to work with, like you!


It’s easier for you to dictate anything from emails, letters to reports. The best option is to hire a transcription service instead of overloading your personal assistant. Although an assistant may be indispensable in a business, they potentially already have enough on their plates and are not professionally trained in transcription services.

Someone who is part of a transcription service can be of utmost importance in situations like these because they will ensure that your communications are always up to date and without errors, which is quite valuable in the business world.


Hopefully, the information presented in this blog has opened your eyes to the opportunities and possibilities to expand, protect, and make your business more efficient. We hope you found the answer to the question, who needs transcription services and have thought about the benefits available for businesses, including yours. As mentioned above, companies that provide valuable information can benefit from transcribing their oral content to written and not only in one language but in multiple, as the need or fit it matched.

Although providing information to your customers or users through orally based content platforms, it is a great way to convey information, yet narrows potential customers’ pool to those who may know what they are looking for. Blogs and articles are much easier to find or be found on a search engine. These strategies and services are something a transcription service, like Allied could help you with by turning those podcasts and videos into potential blogs, articles, or maybe a book.

Allied Interpreting and Translating provides error-free interpreting, translating, and transcription services in any language for any business-related need since 1980. As a company you can trust, we work with companies in any field ranging from hotels, law firms, medical offices to non-profit organisations, and many more. The process is quick and easy; all you have to do is start with a free estimate that will tailor the services to best suit your needs.






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