What To Do When Surprised Circumstances Leave You Scrambling For A Translator

“We were days away from the first day of an important federal trial and learned we would need a Thai interpreter for a surprise key witness. Allied Interpreting provided us with a lady who did not only a tremendous job of translating, she was charming and the jury loved her. Our success in that litigation is in no small part owed to Allied Interpreting”. 

This was a true testimonial from one of our clients.

Believe it or not this happens VERY often in the legal industry. It’s frustrating when you have to scramble at the last second to try and figure out what to do next.

So what do you do in circumstances of a surprise witness who does not speak the native language?

Well first, try not to panic! 

I know it’s easier said than done, especially when you thought you had all of your ducks lined up in a row for trial and then a pigeon flies in to disrupt the flow of things. 

It can throw the whole trial off!

But there are some things to do when unforeseen circumstances arise.



When trying a case, it’s not uncommon for an adversary to spring upon you a surprise witness or two. Unfortunately, sometimes these witnesses do not speak the native language. 


What can you do?


When dealing with the Court System, it’s always a good idea to have a certified translating service that you trust on hand. 




Because trials are stressful and the courtroom setting is a little different than a normal setting.


When interpreting in court, the interpreter must have an understanding of all aspects and intricacies that are involved. 


They need to know certain protocols for each type of instance where they will be working with clients who may not speak their language in order for the communication process to take place smoothly. Even if there is a difference between people’s languages being spoken by either party involved during proceedings.


Using a reliable certified interpreting service offers:


    • Trustworthy interpretations; 
    • Interpret complex vocabulary;.
    • Confidentiality; and
    • Professionalism.


A jury needs to determine the verdict based on all the evidence that is presented to them. 


They’re impressionable and pay close attention to what the witnesses are saying including their body language and whether or not they are personable. 


Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that they understand the translation from the witness in a way that will be beneficial to the outcome of the case.


In the legal industry, no attorney likes to get a surprise witness at the last second and if they need an interpreter that can be a real nightmare. 


But having an interpreting service on hand can give you a sense of security and some peace of mind knowing that job will be handled with the utmost professionalism and excellence.


At Allied Interpreting we do just that. Our interpreters are certified, professional, reliable and personable. 


Whatever your interpreting needs, even in a pinch, we have you covered.


Contact us today to discuss your proceeding!







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