How An Interpreter Can Improve Your Business

Hiring a language interpreter or knowing where to hire a language interpreter when you need one is an incredible opportunity to improve your business.


What does a language interpreter do?


A language interpreter is someone who translates between two parties (learn more about translators verse interpreters in our recent blog post). They eliminate a potential language barrier between the two people. They can ask questions, translate written and verbal content, and create a smooth stream of communication.


When does your business need a language interpreter?


There are countless scenarios where a business may benefit from a language interpreter, and there are numerous business types that could be improved by having an option to bring in a language interpreter.


For example, your business may benefit from a language interpreter if you’re having miscommunications with clients/customers due to language misunderstandings, are unable to provide the best service to your client, or looking to expand your business to more customers. A language interpreter will also make your business more accessible.


How can a language interpreter impact your clients/customers?


When you have a language interpreter on your staff or a language interpreter that you can hire on a contract basis, you create more opportunities to connect with clients/customers.


If a client/customer has questions or needs service in a language that your employees aren’t familiar with, there will be a communication barrier. A language interpreter eliminates the barrier and can assist the client/customer in their preferred language.


When you provide a client/customer with the option of being connected with a language interpreter, you’re creating an opportunity for the client/customer to feel seen and validated. If a client/customer can be confident they have an understanding and their questions are answered, they’re more likely to want to continue working with you. We live in a multicultural world, and hiring a language interpreter is a way to honor that not every person is confident in the same language.


Offering interpretation services can allow your business to grow, be more accessible, build rapport, and provide better service for less confident people in your language.


Next steps: finding a language interpreter that would work with your business.


If you’re interested in improving your business by making it more accessible, you could benefit from getting connected with a language interpreter.


Finding the right language interpreter for your business can feel intimidating. This is where we come in. We work with companies worldwide who are looking to get connected with a language interpreter. Whether you’re looking for an interpreter to work with online, or you’d like to get connected to someone local, we can help!


At Allied Interpreting & Translation, we offer translation and interpreting services, including Depositions, Trials, Medical Appointments, Mediation, Arbitration, Legal Documents, Publications, Contracts, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business improve.






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