All you need to know about language interpreters for school districts and universities

All you need to know about language interpreters for school districts and universities


Why would a school district or university need a language interpreter? When would they need an interpreter? How can a school district or university connect to a language interpreter if they need one?


If you’re working with a university or school district or just interested in how language interpretation plays a role in an education setting, this blog is for you! We’re going to go over all you need to know about language interpretation public in a school setting and how we can help.


What does a language interpreter do in a school setting?


A language interpreter may help two parties with a language barrier communicate in a school setting. It’s possible they could also translate documentation from one language to another.


When is a language interpreter needed by a school district or university?


A language interpreter may be needed in a school setting for research, professors, students, staff, dissertations, interviews, lectures, transcription, etc. Since education is all about learning, it shouldn’t be limited to only learning from people who speak the same language. Working with a language interpreter can create more opportunities for students and staff to learn from each other, resources, guest speakers, and more!


It’s also essential that school districts provide parents with access to translators to confidently communicate with teachers and principals about their child’s education. A parent may request an interpreter during a parent-teacher interview, council meeting, or in another situation where there is a risk of language barriers.


Another time that a language interpreter may be helpful in an education setting is for research reasons. An interpreter can provide accurate translations for complex research documents that an educational institution may benefit from.


Language interpreters may also be needed to translate documentation. For example, they may need to interpret a student’s transcript that could be in a different language.



Why is a language interpreter needed?


It’s no secret that our world has many languages and that communication between two people who don’t speak the same language can cause challenges. A language interpreter can avoid miscommunications and create opportunities for two people who wouldn’t usually be able to communicate.


Parents, students, and staff should be confident that they can ask questions and get answers that they completely understand when it comes to education.


How do I get connected to a language interpreter for my university or school district?


We can help you! At Allied Interpreting & Translation, we offer translation and interpreting services, including supporting universities and school districts. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get you connected to an amazing interpreter.


If you’re a student or parent who is looking for translation services from your university or school district, you may want to consider contacting the school and asking them if they have a language interpreter on their team. If they do not, please feel free to put them in touch with us.






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