How Hiring an Interpreter Can Transform Your Next Event

We’re event people.


We love the opportunities that come out of all different types of events. Whether it’s an award ceremony, a conference, or another type of event—we love how events can be an opportunity to network and connect.


What happens when the people at your event can’t fully understand everything that is being said? What happens when you’re unable to invite people to your event because they speak a different language? Without language interpretation at your event, you may be limiting who you’re able to communicate with and who you’re able to invite.


Hiring a language interpreter can transform your next event by making it more accessible, enabling you to develop deeper relationships, and creating more opportunities for people who may otherwise miss out.


What type of events could benefit from having an interpreter?


There are countless different types of events that a language interpreter may be needed. You may be hosting a large conference or a small wedding—any time the people invited speak different languages, we recommend you hire an interpreter.


If you’re hosting a conference where guests are coming from all over the world to attend, you’ll want to ensure that everyone there is able to understand what the speakers are saying.


When a couple from two different cultures gets married, there may be an opportunity to hire an interpreter if the guests speak other languages.


If you’re an international business and you’re hosting an event to celebrate something happening—it’s wise to hire a language interpreter to make the event more accessible to attendees.


Both big and small events may benefit from a language interpreter if the people attending don’t understand the same language. You never want people invited to an event to feel incapable of understanding what is being shared.


What are the benefits of hiring an interpreter for your next event?


When you hire a language interpreter for your event, you create more opportunities for the people attending. If you invite people to your event who are not familiar with the language the event is in, you can allow them to feel confident that they’re hearing the same information shared.


Hiring a language interpreter for your next event can also create more networking opportunities for people to connect who may not speak the same language. Depending on the interpreter’s role, they may be able to connect people.


Where to hire an interpreter


Whether your next event is online or in person, you could benefit from hiring an interpreter. If you’re interested in creating more inclusive opportunities, we can help! Our incredible staff are able and eager to help translate at your next event so more people can attend.


At Allied Interpreting & Translation, we offer translation and interpreting services for events and more. Our services include Depositions, Trials, Medical Appointments, Mediation, Arbitration, Legal Documents, Publications, Contracts, and more. We work with people from all over the world, and we’d love to work with you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your next event.






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