Translating Training Manuals

Whether you’re part of an international organization that is looking to expand, you need to read a manual for your small business, or you’d like to provide people in your organization with more opportunities to read your manuals in a language their most comfortable with—a translated training manual must be completed by a professional who is confident in the topic to ensure that the information is accurately communicated.


Why would you need a manual translated?


There are many situations where someone may need a training manual translated. Translating a training manual can allow an international organization to be confident that their staff are trained with the same information despite potential differences in languages.


Another reason someone may want a training manual professionally translated is to ensure that their clients are receiving the correct information in their language, or they may wish to provide their staff with a training manual in the language their most confident in.


Training manuals are created to educate and equip people to know how to do things properly—if a manual is poorly translated, there’s a significant risk of misinterpretation and miscommunications. From minor inconveniences to major risks—a poorly translated manual can have consequences.


The importance of working with a professional translator for your documentation.


Have you ever received assembly instructions for something that didn’t make sense? They may have been in your language, but it was evident there was a poor translation—this is what happens when you don’t work with a professional translator.


Someone who knows two languages is different than a professional translator. When you work with a translator, you’re working with someone who is confident in the content that they’re translating. Rather than focusing on translating each word verbatim, their goal is to communicate the same information in a way that would make sense to the person reading the translated text.


Sometimes things like imagery, comparisons, and metaphors can be mistranslated and leave somebody feeling confused. You don’t want someone to read your training manual and have more questions than answers. Instead, you want to work with a professional translator who is able to accurately communicate what you’re trying to share.


Next steps


If you have a training manual or another form of documentation that you need to be translated, we can help! At Allied Interpreting & Translation, our professional translators are able to help with all your translating tasks. Our services include Depositions, Trials, Medical Appointments, Mediation, Arbitration, Legal Documents, Publications, Contracts, and more.


It’s essential to find a translator who understands the context of your document so that they can accurately translate the content for you. We are determined to pair our clients with the best translators for their projects. You do not need to worry about vetting your translator when you work with us. Our experienced staff are here to help you.


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